Amazing Horse Country

S2E5 Conformation

March 29, 2021

Scott and Jody sit down and talk about conformation.  

Conformation is one of those words we hear tossed around in the horse world. It means different things to different folks and different disciplines.

But just how important is it? And why? Well, we have the expert here to tell us all about it.

In this episode, we welcome back Jody Schulze McMann, owner/operator of Broken Spur Equine Therapy.  Jody excels in her role as a therapeutic practitioner and mentor.  Jody and I have co-taught clinics where she has instructed in bio-mechanics.  I'm always fascinated by the depth of her knowledge.

Scott Phillips

Amazing Horse Country

Our fun and upbeat intro song is Celtic Union by Terry Devine-King and Adam Drake.

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