Amazing Horse Country

S1E9 - When Your Horse is Right

July 9, 2020

Can your horse be right or wrong?  Can you?  When riding we're often confronted with situations where our horse has independent thoughts.  Is this detrimental?  Is it valuable?  We look at these questions and answers in the context of positive leadership and relationship building.  How we work with our horse's thoughts defines our relationship and establishes our credibility as leaders.

This is the most production we've put into a podcast to date.  We'd like to thank our voice actor, Monique Noble, for her talents in this show.

Thanks for enjoying our podcasts and videos.  You can help support our production costs and even join our Horsemanship Mentor program.  Check it out. We'd love to have you!

Our fun and upbeat intro song is Celtic Union by Terry Devine-King and Adam Drake.

Also featured is After All and Prospect by Dynamedion, and compositions and sound effects by Scott Phillips.

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