Amazing Horse Country

S1E3 - Equine Body Work

April 16, 2020

Introducing Jody Schulze McMann, owner/operator of Broken Spur Equine Therapy.  Jody excels in her role as a therapeutic practitioner and mentor.  She'll be joining us for several episodes throughout the year discussing a variety of topics from saddle fitting to equine bio-mechanics to the different modalities of equine therapy.  In this episode Jody answers many questions that are commonly asked about equine therapy.  

Jody and I have co-taught clinics in the past where she has instructed in bio-mechanics.  I'm always fascinated by the depth of her knowledge, and privileged to call her a good friend.

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Scott Phillips

Amazing Horse Country


Our fun and upbeat intro song is Celtic Union by Terry Devine-King and Adam Drake.

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